Twilight Dawning

Adventure One
Baleful Eyes of the Cult Below

The adventurers, weary from travel or battle, decide to stop at a taproom for refreshments. However, pushy lizardmen harass the surly dwarf artificer, prompting hostilities. The adventurers meet each other and, deciding on utilizing the individual strengths as a group, swear an oath to aid one-another. Their travels take them through the marshes where they discover horrendous rites deticated to unwholsome, outerworldly beings involving human scrifice and symbiotic enhancement. They methodically hack and slash their way through to the cult leader, Toraash, rescue the damsel and destroy the crystalline prison that stole the villager’s souls.

The group did not leave without casualties however – the pscion, tormented by images of ravashed souls stabbed himself, critically and died as a result. His brother, a pacifist cleric of Ioun, suffered multiple wounds, however none were enough to kill him. The avenger of Ra, bolstered by his allies courageousness flung himself at the enemies, almost losing his life in the process. A quick prayer, timely rescue, and a lucky knee-breaker strike from the halfling rogue ensured his survival.

The dwarf artificer left wearing the living coat that the cult leader wore, swearing it was “only in the name of science”. Others left with less significant symbiots. Gold was of no object for the cultists and the villagers, none too pleased with the groups earlier attempts at investigating, refused hospitalities.


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