The World's Description

A cold but bright burning blue star grants its life-giving light to two planets hanging nearby.

The twin planets Chrusanthemon and Elichrusos orbit closely enough to each other, that one can see the weather changes of the other if the night sky is clear enough. As long as history has been recorded by the current races, the twin planets have existed linked, inexplicably bound by the massive gates located at the closest places between the two. The gates seem older even than the worlds; however this is clearly impossible as sages would point out. Ruins dot the habitable surfaces of the planets, left behind from a previous race. Most of the magic the common folk experience is based on the remains and some of the ancient technologies have been painstakingly revived. Floating isles, towers that fade with the night and reappear with the dawn and warded roads allow the civilized races to exist and prosper amongst the darker and dangerous environs that they find themselves in. Small empires have been built on the ruins, only to fall into decay; lost technologies resurface to wreck havoc on the innocents before being lost once again; horrible monsters of ages-gone-by appear and kill and sate their hunger, leaving to sleep and resurface at a future time; forgotten memories fade to dreams, prophecies spun from thoughts long lost.

The gods split by civil war call on mortals to fight on their behalf. Outerworldly evils, incomprehensible and alien, creep onto our reality from beyond the stars, warping and driving mad those in close proximity. The dead walk the earth, veiled in shadow and freezing cold, only to strike and disappear, remaining at the edge of perception. The world itself spews forth servants of elemental make and mastery, threatening all that has been created.

Most people are content to live in their village or hamlets, fearing only the weather and occasional bandit or dire predator. Those brave and lucky strike out into the wilds, attempting to locate the lost technologies or pry loose secrets of the ancients. Most meet a grisly fate, but some seem blessed by fate.

The World's Description

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